Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly popular over the last five years. In fact, an estimated 1.01 billion people use Facebook each month in August 2012, a 233 percent increase from the same month three years earlier in 2009. And while these websites can be extremely beneficial for gathering news, information, and even staying in touch with friends, it can potentially be detrimental to your divorce case.

From making your divorce more public to friends and family to presenting evidence against you and even hurting you emotionally after the divorce is finalized, due to child support and other issues, social media websites have changed divorce forever. In fact, the Huffington Post reported that a study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) suggested over 80 percent of all divorce attorneys said evidence from Facebook and Twitter has increased over the past six years.

There are a number of ways social networking websites can affect your divorce case. Location-based status updates can show where he or she is at a specific time. Also, photo uploads of a party or get-together where alcohol is present can seriously impact a divorce settlement, especially when children are involved. If you are going through a divorce, you may want to keep the following in mind:

  • Be careful with how much your social media circle crosses over into your ex’s circle.
  • Do not change your relationship status to “single” if you are not yet divorced and have simply started the divorce process. Even something as small as this can provide evidence that you may have been unfaithful or planned to be before the divorce process began.
  • Think twice before posting anything to Facebook, Twitter, or any other site. This is especially the case for photos.
  • Do not post updates with your location

You should also be careful with social media sites after divorce, especially if you and your former spouse remain friends or in contact because of children. Divorce can be a very emotional time and photos or status updates could bring back old memories or increase the risk of an argument with your ex.