A family whose home was wrongfully assaulted by a Mineapolis SWAT team in 2011 has secured a $225,000 settlement in its suit against the city.

swat officers assault homePolice forcefully entered their home one morning while the family was preparing for its day and eating breakfast. They had a warrant to search for a gun belonging to the homeowner’s brother, but the search had been called off a few days prior due to the homeowner’s cooperation with the investigation.

Nevertheless, the SWAT team stormed into the family’s home, lethally shooting its two dogs, shouting profanities and racial slurs, and even stealing cash from a purse. They also allegedly beat the homeowner, broke furniture, and tore down curtains. All of this occurred in front of the homeowners’ two daughters, ages 1 and 3.

The city’s new police chief said that while she was not abreast of all the case’s details, she will not tolerate such egregious behavior from her officers.