care center negligenceWhen children are left in the care of a school or daycare center, it is reasonable for parents to assume that the caretakers working there will perform their duties and keep the children safe from harm. Children, especially toddlers, have a tendency to injure themselves. It is the responsibility of the employees at care centers to do everything in their power to prevent such injuries.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for childcare employees to fail to supervise children just long enough for them to injure themselves. Even a momentary lapse in supervision can be enough for a child to hurt itself or others, so caretakers need to be ever-vigilant.

Liability for caretaker negligence extends beyond simply supervising the children. Caretakers should, under most circumstances, provide children with an opportunity to eat something during the day. They should also do everything in their power to keep the premises safe for children, as children are not likely to recognize dangerous situations or objects when they arise.

When a caretaker neglects your and he or she becomes injured, it is a betrayal of your trust and the agreement between you. If your child has been hurt as a result of a caretaker’s lack of responsibility, you may be able to hold him or her legally accountable for your child’s injuries.