Emotional Abuse in NJ Nursing Homes

    New Jersey MatrixWhen a person needs more physical or medical attention than his or her loved ones are able to give, sometimes a nursing home can be a viable option for a family. Nursing homes are meant to house individuals who need regular attention and care, and are responsible for the safety and well-being of each resident. Typically, families can be comforted by the thought that their loved one is well taken care of in a nursing home. Unfortunately, sometimes individuals who reside in nursing homes are subject to abusive nursing home staff members. One form of nursing home abuse that is common is emotional abuse.

    Emotional abuse can be even more dangerous and common because sometimes it is difficult to notice. Unlike physical abuse, whose signs are more visible on a person, emotional abuse can happen and leave no discernible (or at least physical) mark on an individual. However, the damage is often there, and might be seen through other indicators.

    Warning Signs

    If you suspect that someone you love has been the sufferer of emotional abuse in a nursing home, there are some signs that you can look for. These signs include:

    • Decreased interest in social activities
    • Decreased desire to see loved ones or family
    • Increased anger / moodiness
    • Self-enforced isolation
    • Mood swings

    All of these behaviors could indicate that a nursing home resident is suffering from emotional abuse, like humiliation, isolation, or verbal attacks. Noticing these signs early can be one way to put an end to abusive behaviors more quickly.

    Emotional abuse in nursing homes should never be tolerated. If you have noticed a loved one exhibiting signs of emotional abuse while in a nursing home, you could qualify for financial compensation in a nursing home abuse case.

    The Staggering Cost Of Elder Abuse

    Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

    The information in this graphic was compiled at the request and with assistance from Louisville injury attorney Jeff Sampson. Nursing home abuse should not be tolerated, and those who take advantage of the elderly should be held accountable.