Mediated Divorce

When a married couple reaches a point in their relationship where either one or both partners become convinced that they cannot continue their lives together, it is often necessary to consider the possibility of divorce. Unfortunately, the divorce process can often be highly contentious, placing unnecessary emotional duress on those already going through a difficult time in their lives. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Choosing to pursue a mediated divorce can significantly ease the stress of the divorce process, allowing those pursuing this path to focus on what matters most.

Unlike a contested divorce, in which both sides pursue the services of a divorce lawyer and fight over the terms of their separation, mediated divorce involves the two parties negotiating the details of their divorce with a neutral third-party mediator. This allows both sides to have significant input on the ultimate divorce settlement and ensures the fair treatment of all involved.

In addition to reducing the level of bitterness that both spouses may feel during the divorce process, mediated divorce can also help to reduce the costs that a divorce process may incur. Most mediated divorces can be accomplished in ten sessions or less, for a total time of around twenty hours. This is significantly shorter than the time that a contested divorce usually takes, and therefore the costs of a mediated divorce are often several times lower than other types of divorce.

Most importantly, though, mediated divorce can help to make both partners more satisfied with the outcome of their separation long after the process is finished. By ensuring that the wishes of both sides are not left unconsidered, the mediated divorce process allows both spouses to feel that they have been given a fair treatment and move on with their lives.